Emily Bridgwood, Hatfield

18th February 2015

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From the 100 vocal chords of a cat to the 200 million working parts making up our eyes, the universe is just crazily detailed. Yet it would not be possible if any of the 15 constants (e.g. gravity) were off their specific values by even one part in a million!…there’s only so much that can be put down to mere chance.

This super huge universe holds our earth as less than a speck..and our lives as a vapour that appears for a little while and then vanishes away. Is that really all we’re here for? To come and go on this speck of earth within a universe that appeared out of unimaginable chance. Or is there something more to it? Something more than chasing the next momentary pleasure after the next?

We all believe Jesus was a real person, but what matters is whether he was a mad man claiming to be the son of God, or whether he was actually the son of God. This is the clincher at which we either chase momentary pleasure or we chase everlasting pleasure…the first type of pleasure being with a bottle of wine or a person, and the second type being with the ‘creator of all things’ and ‘giver of every perfect gift’. Finding the answer to this question required a lot of quizzing wise and clever people, reading, processing and watching videos such as this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ikxb09pyZwM  because I wanted to know Jesus was actually the son of God if it were to require ‘ALL my heart, ALL my soul and ALL my mind’!

When I realised how legit this actually was, I learnt that I needed to get past myself (a process every day) so that I can give him my full attention and have this relationship with him that he created me for. A relationship that cannot be explained with words, only with experiencing it.

Life is now a crazy journey hand in hand with my heavenly father. He knows all my weaknesses yet still longs for my attention so that he can lead me into his ‘plans to prosper [me] and not to harm [me]’. Living life with Jesus as my homeboy is the bestest thing everrrr. A love like this the world has never known.