Rachel Choi, St. Chad’s

18th February 2015

unnamed (10)

I’ve always known God. As a young child I learnt about Him in Sunday School, prayed to Him every night before I went to bed and read stories about Him in my children’s Bible. As a teenager I went to the church youth group with my friends, discovered new things about Him as we did Bible studies and saw Him work in unexpected ways at summer camps. I knew a lot ABOUT Him but didn’t actually KNOW Him. My testimony isn’t about a single life changing moment where I was completely transformed in an instant, it’s more of a gradual journey of getting to know the God who created me and loves me as I walk through life’s ups and downs, insides and outs.

My faith has been growing and deepening over the years, I was baptised and confirmed at 14 and have always been open about my faith with my friends but it wasn’t until I went to university 3 years ago that I realised that my faith was no longer something I had ‘inherited’ from my parents, I knew I had a close personal relationship with Jesus. Living away from home for the first time, I had to actively choose to go to church each week, choose to read my Bible and pray and choose to get involved with Christian Union all of which helped me to see that I had taken ownership of my faith. I had to depend on God more and began to realise the truths I had been told over the years for myself. I now KNOW that Jesus loves me deeply and pursues me daily, I KNOW that God goes before me in all things and prepares the way so I don’t need to worry about the future and I KNOW that all my sins (past and future wrongs) have been forgiven in Jesus’s death and resurrection on the cross and I can look forward to spending eternity with Him.

It’s an incredible truth to know that the God who created the heavens and the earth wants to have an intimate relationship with plain old me. His unrelenting grace and mercy cover me daily and I want to spend the rest of my life learning how to love and serve Him faithfully. As I leave university and embark on the next chapter of life I know I do not need to be anxious or afraid because my God knows exactly where I’m going and promises to walk beside me every step of the way.