Stefan Spence, St. Aidan’s

18th February 2015


My name is Stefan Spence. I’ve been lucky enough to come from a loving family who have my best interests at heart. I say lucky, but actually it’s more like a blessing from God. My parents always told me they loved me, but also that there was a God in heaven who loves me and is watching over me and protecting me.

Over the years I heard about this God who was all powerful and just and mighty but who also knew me and cared for me individually. By the time I started understanding this for myself I was encouraged to pray to him and find out for myself who this God really was. And the amazing thing is that he was there. He talked to me and answered my prayers, even when I ran around the back garden ‘praying’ at the top of my voice for a climbing frame. There have been ups and downs and a lot side to sides as well, and times when I’ve wished God wasn’t real because life would be a whole lot easier. Yet through it all this same all powerful God, who loved me to the extent of dying on a cross, he’s been there for me, reassuring me that there is no need to worry about the mistakes I’ve made because he’s already paid the price for sin.

There was one time on the way to primary school, I must have been 9, when I remember turning to my mum and asking, “does God give hugs?” She was unsure how to respond and so there was a pause. “Because I feel like God’s giving me a hug now.” If you ever need a hug, don’t come to me because I’m inexperienced and awkward and I don’t know who you are so that would be a bit weird. Instead, try asking the God of the universe. See for yourself how wonderfully complex and comforting his love is.